Peach Air

神戶神救援 凜月大改造 神戶神救援 凜月大改造


Peach Air Kobe promotion


Peach Air offers a different way to travel to Kobe. People can fly to Osaka and then take Kobe Bay Shuttle to Kobe to enjoy what the great city has to offer.


Kobe is a cosmopolitan city. It proudly possesses of cultures and architectures from different countries. Kobe is seen as one of the most fashionable cities in Japan. We invited a KOL to go a trip with us and explored Kobe in a tongue-in-cheek make-over way.

What we did

KOL co-op

  1. We took Hanhan with us to Kobe to have a total Sakuma make-over.
  2. We filmed Hanhan’s make-over and shared the most popular spots in Kobe.
  3. Hanhan shared the video on his social platforms which sparked a lot of conversations.

First wave- trailer release

  1. We gave away Sakuma masks at ITF. Consumers can scan QRcode on the masks to watch the trailer.
  2. Hanhan announced his event at ITF on his facebook.

Second wave- video release

  1. Released the video on Peach Air’s site. We also announced that if the view of the video reach more than 200,000, we’ll make real-life cut-outs of Hanhan’s sakuma look and put them up at different locations in Kobe.
  2. People who shared the video on their facebook could win Peach Point.

Third Wave- find Sakuma cut-outs in Kobe

  1. We put the cut-outs at Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, Rokko Snow Park, and Kobe Bay Shuttle.
  2. People who found the cut-outs and flipped Sakuma’s bangs to the side could win Wi-Fi 500M instantly. If they upload a picture with the cut-out, they will have a chance toe win Peach Point.
Video - in theater
video - grand finale
KOL facebook post KOL facebook post
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